Revista PM - The Bonding

The Bonding, a new era for the link between professionals and companies according to Revista PM.

"In Chile, there is a people selection method that is absolutely obsolete. It contains hidden discrimination that often rules out excellent professionals. From the point of view of the company, it falls into the error of filtering the curricula vitarum instead of the people and it tries to analyze the candidate instead of accompanying him or her and jointly exploring his or her professional motivations. From the point of view of the person, he or she will usually end up with a job that does not fit with his or her current lifestyle and interests, which over time can lead to discontentment and negatively affect the organizational climate”, explains Irene Schlechter.

That was when she got the idea to seek an alternative that would make the selection process a more honest and efficient system, in which the company would find that person who fits with the organizational environment that defines it and that, in turn, the person would arrive at the job that he or she was wishing for. These factors contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of both parties.

This dynamic was the foundation for the creation of the Bonding, a platform which, through a battery of questions to both the person looking for work and the company, the profile of each party is detected so the link between what a person wants and what a company is looking for can be made.

“When a match is made, we contact that person by e-mail to notify him or her that his or her interests and style are in line with a particular company. If there is a vacancy at the company that the person matches, they are notified once again and asked if they are interested in applying. In the case of an affirmative answer, we coordinate their application process jointly with the company”, said Irene Schlechter.