Its creator believes that the traditional method for finding work is obsolete.

Many people are used to the traditional way of finding work: sending their curriculum with personal data and the must-have photograph. However, in recent years, this formula has varied a bit because it is believed that the old way is a little obsolete. That is what psychologist Irene Schelechter, who created an application called “The Bonding”, has wanted to demonstrate.

The Bonding application entails the applicant responding to a survey of 60 questions to reveal his or her interests and tastes. It does not have photographs or anything to identify the person or show his or her appearance. It was created by the expert, Schlechter, who believes the job search system currently used is out of style.

This application enables both the employee and the employer to achieve satisfaction with their choice and there is no discrimination or prejudice. “The difference with this is that it is like a blind Tinder, without a photograph. You choose your ideal job and bosses”, the creator admitted to the newspaper, La Segunda

Although only four months have passed since it was launched, the app already has 4,000 registered members.